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Albanian universities are invited to help solve this challenge by sending a team to the hackathon. We encourage all interested parties to apply as soon as possible, but latest by May 22th, 2020, 13:00.

  • Universities should build a team of 5 / 6 people ideally [but not a must]:
    – 3 entrepreneurially minded students from different disciplines
    – 1 faculty member: teacher / researcher
    – 1 expert, who develops entrepreneurship or business-cooperation for the university
    – 1 start-up member [could be external] /other

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about the event

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an innovation event, where teams of enthusiastic university students & staff members, start-ups & innovators, supported by experts come together to create solutions for the real-life needs of the challenge-owners: industry and society. The solutions can be services, products or new concepts. After a hackathon, participants get an opportunity to test their ideas in practice. 

Teams receive support from EU for Innovation project and its partners. Hackathons are facilitated by experts from Crazy Town, in cooperation with ICTSLab & Oficina


Online Hackathon


May 25 to 27, 2020

Our mentors & coaches

who is mentoring.

Sara Usinger
Patrik Fetahaj
Erkens Gjini
Elton Ngjela
Sabi Osmani
Liana Suleymanova
Rexhep Rada
Klodi Berberi
Akil Kraja
Elizabeta Katiaj
Edmond Cukalla
Eralda Gjika
Reshard Kellici
Arban Uka
Anila Golemi
Petri Konini
Edona Bilali
Alba Kruja
Elda Kuka
Zamira Jaupaj
Challenge Description

Hackathon Challenges.

At the hackathon, participants solve the real-life challenges presented by Albanian stakeholders.
Challenge 1How to help businesses to better understand and make use of e-commerce / omnichannel solutions?
Challenge 2How to improve HR workflows, processes and transparency with affordable digital solutions?
Challenge 3How to make use of real-time data and technologies for better decision-making and cooperation?

challenge owners

Albanian Commercial Union
Albanian Manufacturers’ Union
Young Entrepreneurs of Albania
NOA financial institution/ AMA

Albanian businesses need to adapt and take their businesses online in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business. However, various obstacles still exist. E-commerce is in its early stages, and it’s still not disseminated, especially due to the low use of credit cards, low purchasing power and the high cost of shipping.

How could businesses make use of existing and new e- commerce / omnichannel platforms? How to combine and integrate activities of different stakeholders? How to make sure that user experience is smooth from front-end to distribution and logistics? At the same time, e-commerce makes it possible for even small companies and brands to scale their offering global – what is stopping them?

Challenge OWners

Young Entrepreneurs of Albania
Kredo Finance / AMA

What digital solutions could businesses utilize to boost day-to-day activities, skills development, documentation, wellbeing or more agile resource allocation and knowledge-sharing? What kind of cultural barriers need to be addressed and torn down so that organizations are ready to be more transparent?

Insights on the topic can improve efficiency of businesses and make working life more meaningful, sensible, and productive for everyone.

Challenge Owners

Albanian Commercial Union
Albanian Manufacturers’ Union

Covid-19 has disrupted supply chains and international trade. What kind of new digital solutions Albanian businesses could utilize to make use of real-time data about supply and demand on the market, businesses opportunities, coordination of partners and other relevant information? How to convert data into actionable information?

Will you for example come up with solutions based on open data, or new emerging technologies such as blockchain?

Challenge Owners

Event Organizers & Partners

Official Organizers.

Official Partners.

Our Jury

hackathon jury.

Akil Kraja
Arben Shkodra
Mira Pogaci
Besa Xhumari

Awards / Continuous Support

  • Top3 Teams of Hackathon#3 will be eligible to participate in in the EU for Innovation Bootcamp, in June 2020: aimed at connecting and matchmaking teams with resources, networks, etc.

  • One person from each winning team is invited to join a trip to one European startup conference ( e.g. Websummit, Piratesummit, Slush)

  • Each winning teams qualifies for 2 months of free Coworking at Innospace

  • Top3Teams will benefit from the Match-making and Exposure Program of EU for Innovation [2 weeks of internship in Germany]

  • Participation in an incubator or accelerator program, powered by EU for Innovation, based on the needs and development phase of the start-up.

  • Continued follow-up support from EU for Innovation Project aimed at developing the capacities, networking and linkages, as well as other ad-hoc support.

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