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Select the challenge that interests you most and put together a team - apply by December 8, 2020

  1. -You can choose from six different challenges that you wish to work on
  2. -Ideal team size is 2-6 people
  3. -Sign up by December 8, 2020


Participate in the hackathon on December 11-13, 2020 to create and present new solutions

  • - You can participate from Korca or fully online
  • -It’s intense 48 hours, but you’ll have experts helping you
  • -You have an opportunity to network, make connections to challenge-owners and learn new skills


Pitch for the jury and get help to implement your solution into action

  • -Best teams have an opportunity to work with the challenge-owners afterwards
  • -They get support for taking their idea further with help of international mentors and resources

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iKorca hackathon is a 48-hour innovation event that brings together teams of innovators (students, university researchers & staff members, university-based startups & other talent), supported by experts to create solutions for real-life challenges.

Your solutions can be services, products, concepts, apps, software demo or new insight on how to approach the challenge. You come up with an innovative new solution or apply with your existing project.

iKorca hackathon is organized online, but for local teams based in Korca we offer additional faceto-face mentoring and support.

Hackathon is co-organized by the ICT Hub Korca and EU for Innovation project to accelerate digitalization of Albania, in cooperation with ICTS Lab.

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For whom?

Hackathon is open for teams of innovators. You can be students, university researchers and teachers, university-based startups or individual talents and freelancers.

You don’t need to have ICT background to participate!

We are especially looking for teams with interest to work as entrepreneurs in the future.

Note that you don’t need to be based in Korca – hackathon is open for anyone from Albania. However, we will give preference to people living in and around Korca or that can demonstrate a special interest to found their start-ups in Korca.

What you get?

Support and prizes from EU for Innovation for the winning teams to help implement their ideas in practice with the challenge-owners.

Potential collaboration or employment opportunities with some of the challenge-owners.

Winning teams receive support from EU for Innovation project and its partners to accelerate their solutions towards a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

If you have an interest to work as an entrepreneur / startup at some point, this event brings you international connections and access.

challenge owners

select the one that interests you most


Hackathon has six challenges set forward by real-life challenge owners.

As teams, it’s your job to identify how you want to approach the challenge and create a solution that can be used later on. Your solution can land you in a job, offer connections, or be foundation for a new business.

ONE Telecommunications has My One app for all customers an easy way pay invoices any time and from everywhere. However, Albania lags behind other markets in digital payments.

With this challenge, ONE Telecommunications is looking for ideas on how to increase the users’ trust for card saving functionality, as well as how to increase the number of users of My One for Recharge & Invoice payment activity.

More info available HERE

Challenge description: Municipality of Korca is looking for student teams to solve the challenge: How can we modernize the public parking of the city to make it ”smart”?


For example, teams can approach the challenge by creating novel solutions for how people can pay for parking; or with ideas that help drivers to easily identify available parking zones. Solutions created for the needs of Korca could be used anywhere in Albania.


Background: Municipality of Korca is the local government and the most important institution in the city. It aims to offer to the citizens the best services. More info about Municipality of Korca at the website www.bashkiakorce.gov.al


The public parking is managed by the municipality. There are 288 parking spaces charged for citizens in the center of the city which have a fee of 50 lek/hour. The fee is collected by municipal inspectors of which there are 13 in total.  

Challenge description: DMO - Destination Management Organization is developing a digital platform that can contribute to tourism for development in Korca Region and beyond.


This challenge asks the question: How can DMO, service providers, Municipality of Korca and businesses working together use the upcoming platform in new ways for sustainable tourism development in national and international markets?


Background: Digital platforms are disrupting the way the tourism sector is run from end to end—impacting the way destinations facilitate tourism, develop product, gather data, access markets, and attract visitors.


Digital platforms is expected to increase the demand for tourism services through information and promotion of: tourism attractions, accommodations, bars and restaurants, nightlife, museums, expanding the choice of alternative tours in destinations, opportunity of making travel plans, or even reducing uncertainty about the quality of a future trip, in Korca Region.  All the information will be develop through the networking of tourism stakeholders and in cooperation with a mobile company.


This digital disruption has positive effects across the tourism industry, making it challenging for low-income markets to leverage tourism for development impacts.

Challenge description: Korca Children’s Center offers educational and recreational activities, information and support for more than 5000 children and their families in Korca region.

Korca Children’s Center is looking for solutions that help them to reach out and serve 3-15 year old children, children’s families and stakeholders better!


Depending on their background and interest, teams can focus on issues such as:

  • How do we increase information and awareness on family issues and protection digitally?
  • How do we help schools to access our environment and services?
  • How can everyone also participate our activities remotely / online?
  • Can we use digital tools to remove paperwork?
  • How do enable bookings and payments digitally?
  • Awareness raising tool about issues related to cyber security, proper use of technology/information/internet resources etc, both for children and parents


For teams solving our challenge we can offer resources, access to technology and product support.


Background: World Vision Albania and Kosovo (WVA&K) has been operating since 1999 in response to the Kosovo’s crisis. WVA&K’s transformational work takes place in 13 municipalities in Albania and 10 communes in Kosovo in more than 200 communities. In these municipalities, we operate through area programs (APs) which are community driven development programs focused on improving child well-being.


Programming is focused in three strategic directions 1- Just structures and systems through local to national partnerships for the most vulnerable children; 2- Integrated services at the community level for the most vulnerable children; 3- Economic empowerment of youth and families.


The Children City Center is the largest multi-functional center for children in the region, offering recreational, educational and developmental services for children aged 3-14 years old. The main categories of programs in the center are: Science, Art & Sports. World Vision is partnering with Korca Municipality for starting up and running the center, since June 2019. In the first year of activity, there are 5,144 children participating in 15 different programs/courses and 274 activities organized.


Facebook and Instagram are the main platforms used up to now for external communication. Some data from the last 28 days on FB are: 1,721 followers, 67 New page followers, 65 new page likes, 8,953 page reach, 746 page views, 6,656 post reach, 1,886 post engagement. Instagram for the same period: 638 accounts reached, 474 content interactions, 758 followers.

Challenge description: One Zone is the loyalty and entertainment session of My One app that offers daily gifts, partner discounts, free music streaming and special bundles.

In this challenge, ONE Telecommunications is looking for insight and ideas from teams on how to make One Zone more friendly and attractive for users and increase the loyalty of usage.

How we may support?

Any question - just ask! We can offer devices and phone number for a real experience in My One.

More info available HERE

Challenge description: Korca Bus Terminal is the designated place where all buses start or ends their scheduled route. We will host intercity/international arrivals and departure bus platforms, city bus stations, terminal passenger lobby and services; transport companies’ offices, hotel, bar, restaurant, supermarket etc.


This challenge seeks answers on how to improve the access to the bus time tables and give users of the terminal the best information they need?


We are open to give to participants the information they need on how the terminal operates and they will have access to the facility. We will give any information upon their request. In terms of reward, we want to give the participant real employment opportunity because as a new company we are very interested into hiring talented and motivated students. Our aim is to get the best solution for our challenge and to provide a job opportunity for the most outstanding team.


Background: By estimate we think that we will have around 2.500.000 of travelers per year. We believe that by increasing the accessibility and the information we will have more users of the bus terminal so this will lead to a better value for bus companies and for us as service provider. 


For instance, it is more convenient for tourists to have the route details online, departures and arrivals and other information also so they will not spend more money by renting a car but they will use public transportation. In this terms we would like to have the best idea on how to increase the number of the travelers that is estimated by giving the travelers the information they need the easiest way possible.

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